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Faucet Repair and Installation Services

Faucets are essential fixtures in every home as well as most commercial properties, supplying enough potable water for necessary tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Unfortunately, an issue with your faucets can make these tasks more challenging. Luckily, faucet repair and installation services offer long-term solutions to any concerns you may have about these helpful fixtures.

At Mark Allen, quality and affordable faucet repair in Bethel Park is just another piece of our suite of plumbing services. We are also happy to help with faucet installation when you’re ready to upgrade or fed up with dealing with the current model. Our certified plumbers have everything they need to find the ideal solution to your plumbing problem.

What Are Some Common Faucet Problems?

The faucet leaks: An extremely common problem you can experience with your faucets is when it keeps leaking. A dripping faucet wastes water and could increase utility bills. If allowed to leak for too long, it could even cause water damage. Skilled plumbers will find the source of the leak and repair or replace affected components to restore proper water flow.

Total lack of water: In the event the faucets are failing to deliver any hot or cold water, it may be evidence of a more challenging problem. As an example, the issue could trace back to a broken water heater or a severe clog somewhere inside the property’s plumbing.

Inconsistent water pressure: A damaged faucet may decrease water pressure or even stop the flow of water entirely, causing frustration and a less efficient plumbing system. We know how to take care of low water pressure, through tasks like cleaning the relevant component, fixing a broken seal or finding any corroded pipes.

Unsure about the right replacement faucet: New or replacement faucet installation in Bethel Park starts with a firm understanding of what works best for your plumbing. We work with many different makes and models, so let us know if you would benefit from some suggestions. No matter what type of faucet you end up choosing, we’ll make sure installation goes smoothly.

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Benefits of Professional Faucet Repair and Installation

While it may be tempting to attempt faucet repair and installation on your own, there are multiple advantages to trusting professional plumbing technicians for these tasks. At Mark Allen, all our plumbers are capable of efficient and effective faucet repair and installation services to ensure that all faucets will continue functioning properly. Here are a few key reasons for trusting professional services:


Saves on Time

Struggling to repair or put in a faucet by yourself could be frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you don’t have the appropriate tools or any experience. Our seasoned plumbers can quickly pinpoint the issue and help you make a decision concerning the best solution, saving you time and stress.


More Cost-Effective than DIY Plumbing

Trying to save money on parts and labor sounds like a good idea in the beginning. That said, making a mistake may lead to steeper costs than if you had hired a plumber first. Save time and money by delegating plumbing services to local professionals.


Expertise and Certifications

When considering either faucet repair or faucet installation in Bethel Park, our plumbers have the expertise necessary for outstanding work. Looking for plumbers with adequate experience is as easy as looking for the relevant licenses or certifications. The plumbers at Mark Allen are fully trained and insured for plumbing services including faucet repair.


Lasting Solutions, Not Band-Aids

Band-aid solutions may offer quick benefits, but they rarely ensure lasting results. We know how to spot the underlying issue before working out the best way to take care of your faucets and plumbing.


Choose Mark Allen for Reliable Faucets and Other Fixtures

At Mark Allen, we understand the value of properly functioning faucets in your home or commercial property. Mark Allen and our trained and experienced plumbers can offer reliable, affordable and efficient faucet repair and installation support. Give us a call at 412-381-2500 to request an appointment with one of our plumbers.

Save Even More with Special Offers

A complete sense of comfort shouldn’t be out of anyone’s budget. Mark Allen lightens the load with seasonal promotions, discounts and other special offers. These offers help lower costs for key services, new equipment or whatever else you need for your comfort and peace of mind. Check out our current offers for more details on how to save.

Committed to Comfort from the Very Start

While a long history of service is impressive, nothing is more important to customer satisfaction than a dedication to total comfort. Mark Allen considers your peace of mind our top priority, and that hasn’t changed since we first opened our doors. Learn more about our history, and how our communities support us just as much as we support you.