Enjoy Clean Air Again with Indoor Air Quality Products in Bethel Park

Promote better air circulation and proper ventilation with our full suite of indoor air quality products in Bethel Park, PA. It is important to take a critical look at the quality of the air you breathe and how efficiently it moves throughout the home. The team at Mark Allen Plumbing, Heating And Cooling is ready to provide you with a complete evaluation of your establishment.

We can advise you on any changes needed to the configuration of your system, and what needs to be done to improve ventilation. Tell us more about how the air affects you and your family on a daily basis. There could be a number of pollutants and allergens circulating in the air you breathe. As your filters become clogged and moisture begins to collect inside your home, your comfort system could be forced to work harder to keep the temperature stable. While dust and dander make your eyes water, mold and mildew could pose an immediate risk to your health.

Strategies for Cleaner Air

Schedule an appointment with our technicians and have all of your filters replaced at once. We carry a full line of filters that match just about any air handler or furnace you have in your home. During your initial appointment, our experienced technician will inspect your ventilation system to ensure it is working properly. Learn about the importance of airflow when it comes to protecting the structure of your home, and make indoor air quality a priority for everyone you love. Some of the most common causes of illnesses and allergic reactions are invisible and all around you.

Unclean air is a major problem in many homes because people have air filtration systems that are outdated or malfunctioning. Ensure the indoor air quality of your is healthy and safe to breathe with the air testing services from Mark Allen Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, in Pittsburgh, PA.  We offer indoor air testing to all customers in Pittsburgh.


Augment your existing comfort system with a series of modifications design to make your air cleaner and easier to breathe. Protect yourself from harmful pollutants like tobacco smoke, toxic adhesives, and cleaning product fumes with air purifiers and dehumidifiers.

When the time comes to replace your existing heater, a great option involves the installation of radiant heated flooring. Ductless air conditioners also help improve the quality of the air in strategically chosen rooms.

Residential Ventilation Services

A focus on air quality is about more than just your allergies. When the filters and ductwork in your home begin to collect dust, it forces your comfort system to work harder to accomplish the same job as before. An increase in moisture can transform that accumulated dust into a haven for mold and mildew. Our technicians will recommend a series of changes that can improve air quality and energy efficiency as well.

We are focused on your satisfaction, and we back our labor with a reliable warranty. With two decades of experience, we are the logical choice when it comes to a long-term provider of comfort systems. Contact us today to invest in our state-of-the-art indoor air quality products. We proudly serve customers in Bethel Park, Washington, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and surrounding communities.