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Soothing and Comforting Radiant Floor Heating in Bethel Park, PA

Build a more energy efficient home that gives you the warmth you need with every step you take. For those who love hard surface and concrete floors but hate having to step on them with bare feet, we offer radiant floor heating in Bethel Park, PA.


Mark Allen Plumbing, Heating And Cooling

Employ a team of heating contractors with more than three decades of experience. With this experience we’ve come to learn that every client is different in some way. Everyone has their own expectations when it comes to budgeting something as extensive as heated floors. That’s why we offer free consultations and estimates, so that the client is able find out more about how radiant floors work before they invest their hard-earned money into this sustainable, environmentally friendly flooring.

Transform Your Floor into a Radiator

Most of the clients we serve heat their homes with either hot water or forced air. While a furnace forces heated air through ductwork in the home, a boiler pumps hot water through heating elements attached to your baseboards. Radiant underfloor heating is more energy efficient than both, and the system can be powered by an oil-fired boiler, a solar heater, or even a propane tank.

Radiant heating isn’t limited to just tile and stone floors, as our pipes can be installed underneath hardwood, carpeting, and even concrete. These floors are environmentally friendly and reduce the number of allergens being pumped into your air from a furnace or your HVAC system. The heat this system provides is constant, as the water continually flows through the pipes.

From the Ground up

Maximize your level of comfort in any home with our radiant floor installation. Our contractors are ready to pour the concrete and connect the pipes to the energy source you choose for your system. There are no vibrations or noise with this approach, and very little is needed to maintain your new floors. Whether you are building a new home or replacing the flooring at your existing business, our approach can save you money. Radiant flooring and ductless cooling systems can make your home more valuable.

Contact us today to start integrating radiant floor heating into your HVAC system. We proudly serve customers in Bethel Park, Washington, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and surrounding communities.