Improved Energy Efficiency via Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems in Bethel Park, PA

Customize the level of comfort for each room individually with our ductless heating & cooling systems in Bethel Park. The team at Mark Allen works with a broad array of clients across our area with homes that lack internal ductwork. Retrofitting a classic home with the ductwork needed for traditional comfort systems may prove too complicated.

A ductless comfort system provides the homeowner with a number of advantages. Including energy efficiency and security. Standard window units are an unsightly, bulky, inefficient answer for many homeowners looking for some relief. During the hottest summer months. When you partner with a local company that is focused on 100% customer satisfaction, you get solutions that fit your home and your way of life. Get an experienced HVAC installation specialist about the advantages that come with a ductless comfort system. We carefully assess your entire home & determine the areas that need heating & cooling. Without a great deal of disruption and cost. Our technicians can quickly install a mini-split system. They work in conjunction with radiant floors to give you a home that is comfortable all year long.

Understanding Ductless Systems

Go beyond the traditional limitations of vintage homes live in an interior that is comfortable when it matters the most. Whether you are renovating an existing business or building an extension onto your current home. You need a smart way to heat and cool the new space you are adding. A ductless system includes an indoor evaporator unit and an exterior condenser unit like many ducted HVAC units. The difference comes with the ductless heat pump installation. Instead of tearing up your interior and disrupting your life. our installation specialist only needs to drill a three-inch opening for the drain, refrigerant, and electrical lines.

Breathe Easier and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Our ductless mini-split systems are great for people with seasonal allergies. When you heat your floors with a radiant system and cool the air without ducts. there are far fewer allergens in the air you breathe. Without the need for ductwork, your system can be installed in a shorter amount of time. Your new system is more energy efficient than a central heat. Air system because the compressor speeds up and slows down according to needs of the room you are in. Contact us today to acquire a ductless heating & cooling system for your vintage home. We proudly serve customers in Bethel Park, Washington, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and surrounding communities.