Maintaining Regular Flow with Drain & Sewer Services in Bethel Park, PA

Don’t spend a minute longer than you have to dealing with drain & sewer problems. The licensed & trained technicians at Mark Allen Plumbing, Heating And Cooling are ready to assist you with our drain & sewer services in Bethel Park, PA.

Using the latest in cutting-edge equipment, our team helps you avoid more expensive problems down the road, including wasted water, burst pipes & backups by performing comprehensive maintenance services, including clogged drain removal & repairs for tree roots in sewer lines.


Drain Clearing, Cleaning & Clog Removal in Bethel Park

Clogged drains aren’t just a nuisance; they can be a lead-in to water damage, mold, mildew & a whole lot of frustration. This is why so many people go to reach for a chemical drain cleaner. Little do they know that these chemicals can actually do more damage to your plumbing system! Before you pour those corrosive chemicals down the drain, reach out to our company for complete HVAC and plumbing services.

Our team is able to detect leaks, remove objects from pipes & install a new sewer line as needed to make sure the root cause of your clogs are successfully handled. We back all of our work up with a one-year workmanship warranty & a free estimate. Reach out to our backflow prevention certified contractors when you are in need of any of the following:

Cleaning & Clog Removal Services

  • Small to Large Drain Services
  • Tub & Basin Services
  • Main Water Line Services
  • Hydrojetting Services to Remove Dirt, Sludge, Roots, Trees, Shrubbery, Grease, Hair, & Foreign Objects

High-Tech Sewer Services

  • Leak Detection Services
  • Camera Pipe Location Services
  • Dye-Testing Services for Downspouts
  • Trenchless Water & Sewer Line Replacement Services
  • Excavation Services
  • New Line Installation Services
  • Line Rerouting

Repair Solutions for

  • Low Water Pressure
  • Bad Odors & Smells
  • Water & Waste Damage
  • Increased Bills
  • Wasting of Natural Resources
  • Frozen Pipes

Professional Sewer Line Services

More than just drain cleaners, our team offers several sewer services to help make sure every aspect of your plumbing system is working as it should. From standard sewer line cleaning & repairs to replacement services, we provide you with exactly what you need to keep your sewer line system running perfectly. Some of the different problems we can repair include:

Broken, Cracked, Offset, & Collapsed Pipes

– These are pipes that have been damaged due to the ground freezing, house settling, or shifting soil.


– This is caused by grease buildup or foreign objects restricting or prohibiting the proper flow of your sewer lines.


– This is when your pipes have deteriorated or broken to the point of collapsing and restricting flow.

Bellied Pipe

– These are pipes that have sunk, due to soil or ground conditions, and created a valley that collects paper and waste.


Leaking Joints

– This occurs when the seals between your pipes have broken, which allows water to escape into the area surrounding the pipe.

Root in the Sewer Line

– This is when a tree or shrub root has invaded your sewer line causing damage and preventing normal cleaning.

Off-Grade Pipe

– These are existing pipes that have been constructed out of substandard material. They are easily corroded or deteriorated.